Museum Map

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Museum Map
Front Desk Gift Shop Education Room Gallery 1 - Prehistory Mezzanine Gallery Gallery 2 & Video Room Gallery 3 - Main Gallery

Front Desk

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Gift Shop

Lovely local and maritime-themed gifts.

Education Room

For schools, groups, and events only.

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Gallery 1 - Prehistory

Focusing on pre-history, the history of underwater exploration, and our temporary exhibitions. The exhibition about Bouldnor Cliff, a 8000 year old site, now submerged just outside Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight tells us the story of early settlements on what we now call the Isle of Wight.

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Mezzanine Gallery

Gallery 2 & Video Room

Designed to offer a comfortable and very popular museum guide video experience ("Walkaround Tour of the Shipwreck Centre"). The 40 minute show presented by Martin Woodward leads the visitor though the story of the museum and includes video clips from wreck discoveries and past adventures.

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Gallery 3 - Main Gallery

Our main gallery houses an enormous variety of maritime history. The majority of our exhibitions in Gallery 3 are permanent and include:historic diving equipment, maritime Isle of Wight, and more about local shipwrecks. You can also view some of our fantastic ship models.

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